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How It All Started

After decades in the string instrument music business we (Young Musicians, Inc.) have encountered many frustrated parents (and some teachers) who simply want to sell their used string instrument and move on. Most often their reason to sell is because the student has grown, ready to advanced to a better instrument or simply quit taking lessons.

And then there are others who realize the huge savings in purchasing a good used instrument. Used instruments may have a few dents, scratches or repairs – but the tone and quality is often great – and that is what it is all about anyway.

Thus the new site “sellmyviolin.com” was created to fill this basic need encountered by hundreds of musicians. The site is a simple ad style¬† listing where for a small fee independent owners can connect with other buyers or sellers to make it all happen. We (Young Musicians, Inc.) also list some of our trade in and used rental instruments for sell on this site.

Take a look and browse the dynamic list of instruments (Violin, Viola or Cello) and see if there is something you may be looking for! Details about listing cost can be found here.