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QIf I sell my violin (instrument), how do I get paid?

A: The buyer can submit their payment as a check, money order, or the buyer and seller

can agree on another form of payment. The seller should wait until they receive the payment to

actually ship the instrument.

QHow do I ship the instrument? How do I package the instrument?

A: We encourage sellers to ship the instrument via UPS or Federal Express, because it is

easier to track and insure. When the instrument is in a hard case you should always use a piece

of soft material to go under the tailpiece and on both sides of the bridge. Ship the instrument in

a sturdy new box that allows for at least an inch of padding on all sides of the case.

QWhat if the person/buyer does not like the instrument?

A: We recommend an agreement between the buyer and seller to be reached, that if the

buyer is dissatisfied with the purchase they can return it for a full refund, less the shipping

charges would be the responsibility of the buyer to return the instrument at their cost.

Q: What if there is something that the seller did not disclose?

A: If something significant was not disclosed or omitted the buyer should contact the

seller and perhaps negotiate a new price.

Q: How do I know if the instrument will fit me or my child?

A: The buyer should verify with their teacher the exact size necessary before deciding to

purchase the instrument.

Q: What if I desire not to sell after posting and paying for the listing?

A: As long as the instrument has not sold your ad can be removed, however your selling

will not be reimbursed.

Q: How do I renew my listing?

A: When you log into your account you can go to manage my ads, and there on your

dashboard you will be able to renew your listing.

Q: Is there any guarantee or warrantee on the Instrument?

A: No, all instruments are sold as is and as described.

Q: What Private information will show online about the seller or Buyer?

A: The buyer information doesn’t have to be displayed, but if they would like to comment

on a listing they would list a username. For the seller they need to provide an email or phone

number so that the buyers can contact them.

Q: How much should I sell my violin for?

A: As a rule, for a student instrument that is in very good condition you should expect to

be able to sell your instrument for around 60 to 70 percent of the original purchase price.

Instruments in medium or poor condition should list for an appropriate amount (less).

Q: Can a posted price be further negotiated?

A: The buyer should expect to pay the asking price as long as the instrument has been

described fully and accurately.

Q: Who do I contact at sellmyviolin.com (and how)?

A: You can contact us via e-mail at info@young-musicians.com

Q: If I have Additional Questions?

A: If you have additional questions about the instrument you can contact the seller

through the information they provided.

Q: Does the instrument come complete and/or with accessories?

A: Most instruments are sold as outfits (instrument, bow, case) if there are additional

items that the seller intends of providing with the outfit – that must be clearly stated.

QWhen will my list post online?

A: After approval, between one and three days.

Q: What if my instrument sells before the end of the ad listing period? How do I de-list it so that I may stop additional inquiries?

A: If you go into your dashboard, find the ad that sold and click on the “Mark Sold” associated to the ad.
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